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Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes | Toronto, ON

It can be hard to find the time to bring your vehicle in to Downtown Hyundai for regular oil changes, but making the effort can pay off — your ride is sure to reap the benefits when you prioritize this important maintenance step.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Increase Fuel Efficiency | Toronto, ON

If you are looking to save money on gas, getting the oil changed on a regular basis can help keep your car running as efficiently as possible.

  • When your car’s oil is dirty, it will use more energy. This increased energy use will also use more gas, decreasing your car’s efficiency.
  • If your oil is clean, the engine will produce less friction.
  • Less engine friction means your engine won’t work as hard to power your vehicle. This means you will use less gas while driving, increasing your fuel efficiency and decreasing the number of times you visit a gas station each month.

A Long-Lasting Ride

Vehicles last longer when they are well-maintained. If you want your vehicle to last, routine car maintenance — especially oil changes — will go a long way toward helping you achieve that goal.

  • Clean oil is the lubricant your car’s engine needs to run smoothly, and it will help ensure that your car is performing at its optimal level.
  • Over time, the amount of oil in your engine decreases due to evaporation. When your oil level decreases, your engine’s temperature will increase because more friction is created.
  • Increased engine temperatures lead to an overheating engine, which can create long-lasting damage that will shorten your car’s lifespan.
  • Dirty oil also makes your engine work harder than a vehicle with clean oil, which can cause your car’s parts to wear down faster.
A Long-Lasting Ride | Toronto, ON

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