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Tires 101: The Importance of Tire Care | Toronto, ON

Tires 101 - Toronto, ON
To maintain your car’s efficiency and its grip on the road, it’s essential to care for your tires. From regular rotations to checking your tire pressure, these are some of the maintenance steps you should prioritize.

Tire Rotation

Tires 101 - Toronto, ON

Your car’s tires will continuously wear in an uneven pattern, regardless of the type of drivetrain you have — though the drivetrain can affect the amount of wear certain tires undergo.

  • If your tires wear down unevenly, then you will find that it can be more difficult to control your car.
  • Uneven wear can cause certain tires to lose traction faster than others.
  • Regular tire rotation ensures that your tires wear evenly, helping them last longer and saving you money over time.

Tire Checks

Each month, you should give your tires a once over to ensure they’re in prime condition all year round.
  • Keep an eye out for bulges, bald spots, and worn treads on all tires.
  • Make sure your tires are within the recommend pressure range, reducing the chance of a blowout and increasing your fuel efficiency.
  • Use an air pressure gauge to see if each tire’s PSI (pounds per square inch) is within the recommended range. This range is found in the owner’s manual or on your driver’s side door jamb.
Tires 101 - Toronto, ON
Switch Over in Winter
Tires 101 - Toronto, ON

Winter weather can really do a number on your car’s traction. Whether you’re facing snow or ice, winter tires are a solid option to ensure that you get the best traction possible in Toronto winters.

  • Downtown Hyundai has a selection of winter tires to choose from, each with a specially developed tread to increase your car’s traction. Stop in to see and us and get your vehicle outfitted to deal with winter’s worst.

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