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New Electric Hyundai Models at Downtown Hyundai

In today’s modern era of electrified motoring, Hyundai offers a handful of affordable fully-electric vehicles that allow you to join the EV revolution without shelling out exorbitant amounts. Whether you’re looking for a practical crossover SUV for the family, a midsize sedan with premium amenities, or a high-performance electric vehicle to carve the country roads around the GTA, there’s an electric Hyundai model for you. Read along as we discuss Hyundai’s fully-electric sedan and crossover SUV models, all of which are currently available for sale at Downtown Hyundai, Toronto’s premier Hyundai retailer.

All-Electric Sedans & Crossovers SUVs

Kona Electric

The all-electric variant of the sub-compact Hyundai Kona SUV, the Kona Electric delivers the ideal blend of practicality, performance and sustainable EV motoring. This future-forward vehicle sports an eye-catching dynamic design, cutting-edge vehicle technology and premium interior amenities. Join the EV revolution with breaking the bank, behind the wheel of a Kona Electric model from Downtown Hyundai.

Model Highlights:

  • 43 mins Charge Time (Level 3)
  • 201 Horsepower & 188 lb-ft of Torque
  • Up to 420 km of All-Electric Driving Range
  • 168 kW Electric Motor & 64.8 kWh Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery


Hyundai’s first-ever all-electric SUV model, the IONIQ 5 represents the brand’s commitment to an electrified future. Featuring two rows of sustainability-focused seats, advanced cabin technology and truly distinctive exterior styling, the IONIQ 5 is your ticket to electrified motoring. Explore more at Downtown Hyundai.

Model Highlights:

  • 168 kW & 239 kW Electric Motors
  • Available Rear- & All-Wheel Drive Variants
  • 18 mins Charge Time (350 kW Level 3 Fast Charger)
  • Up to 488 km of All-Electric Driving Range (414 km for AWD models)


Blurring the line between hot hatchback and performance crossover SUV, the IONIQ 5 N is the high-output, sport-oriented variant of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 SUV. Experience instantaneous torque from its all-electric motor, and take on corners with confidence knowing that its handling has been tested on the iconic Nürburgring race track.

Model Highlights:

  • Up to 356 km of All-Electric Driving Range
  • 18 mins Charge Time (350 kW Level 3 Fast Charger)
  • Up to 641 Horsepower & 568 lb-ft of Torque (with N Grin Boost)
  • 3.5 secs 0-100 km/h Acceleration Time & 260 km/h Maximum Speed


Currently the only electrified sedan in Hyundai’s model lineup, the IONIQ 6 delivers a premium EV experience without the exorbitant price tag. Sporting a design that prioritizes aerodynamics to increase driving range, along with a host of upmarket cabin amenities that rival that of foreign luxury vehicles, the IONIQ 6 is a vehicle that’s truly in a league of its own.

Model Highlights:

  • 18 mins Charge Time (350 kW Level 3 Fast Charger)
  • 225 Horsepower & 258 lb-ft of Torque (320 & 466 for AWD models)
  • Up to 581 km of All-Electric Driving Range (509 km for AWD models)

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