Three engaging driving experiences.

It is easy to decide which IONIObest complements your lifestyle; it just depends on how often you dr ive and your driving style. Whichever you choose, every ION1Q is engi ne ered to deliver a rewarding andengaging drive to suit your lifestyle.

2017 IONIO electric.

Charge from home or work. Never stop for gas. On a single charge, the ION10 electric model offersup to 200-kilometre rangeof emission-free driving. The88 kW electric motor's  torque­ rich performanceis powered by the super­ efficient 28 kWh lithium­ ion polymer battery. 

The battery is  located low in the IONIQ'spurpose­ built   chassis.  which also Lowe rs its centre of gravity , esse ntia l for a rewarding and engaging drive 2017 IONIO hybridDriving fun with lower emissions. The IONIQ hybrid comb ines an effic ien t 1 .6 L gasoline enginewith a powerf u32 kW electr ic motor for impressive performance and fuel efficiency For unmatched responsiveness , iiasl o feat ure s a class ­ exclusive Dual Clutch Transm iss ion+. Tog et her, these ele ments give you the  fuel economy you wa nt from a hybrid, with a driving experience thafs more engaging than you thought possible.

2017 IONIO electirc plus

Electric   when you want it. Gas when you need it. The IONIQ electric plusoffers the best of both wor lds, wit h a larger lithium­ ion polymer battery (compared to hybrid).

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