Winter Tires at Downtown Hyundai

As Canadians, we’re no strangers to the challenges that come with living in a country that has inclement weather conditions. During the winter months, the roads of the Greater Toronto Area are either covered in snow, slush, ice or a mixture of all three. Protect your investment and ensure that your Hyundai is prepared for whatever conditions the winter season throws at it. Continue reading below as our team discusses the importance of winter tires, misconceptions about all-season tires and where you can purchase winter tires in Toronto.

What Kind of Tires Does My Hyundai Come With?

When you purchase a new Hyundai model from Downtown Hyundai, your vehicle comes fitted with durable all-season tires that are designed to perform well in normal driving conditions. Winter tires, on the other hand, are specifically designed with deep tread pattern grooves and rubber compounds that remain soft in the cold, maintaining the traction needed on snow and ice-covered roads.

Why Can’t I Use My All-Seasons in the Winter?

Although the name “all-season tires” might suggest that they can be used throughout all four seasons of the year, this isn’t necessarily the case. Think of all-season tires as a jack-of-all-trades component of your vehicle. Although it can perform well in a variety of weather conditions, the rubber compounds and tread patterns used on all-seasons are not designed for the cold weather conditions of Toronto. Once the temperatures drop under 7 degrees celsius, all-season tires tend to harden and thus, lose the necessary traction to grip onto roads with snow or ice.

Can I Use My Winter Tires Year-Round?

Using your winter tires year-round is not advisable as similar to all-season tires, the rubber compounds used in winter tires aren’t designed to perform optimally during the warm summer months. Doing so would result in unnecessary increased tread wear, leading to you having to purchase tires more frequently than just swapping out tires during the spring and fall seasons.

Winter Tires at Downtown Hyundai

Now that you understand the importance of installing winter tires on your Hyundai, let one of our parts specialists help you source a set of high-quality winter tires that fit your budget. Get in touch with our parts counter and prepare your vehicle for the winter months, today!