Battery Service at Downtown Hyundai

Hyundai Battery Service in Toronto, Ontario

Your Hyundai’s battery is one of the most important components of your vehicle. With late model cars being fitted with a host of computers, display screens, cameras, radar sensors and more, it’s in your best interest that you make sure that your Hyundai’s battery is in peak working condition. Continue reading below as our team here at Downtown Hyundai discusses why it’s essential to regularly inspect and periodically replace your Hyundai’s battery.

Why Are Regular Battery Inspections Necessary?

From starting the engine, to powering all of the electrical components including the lighting systems, infotainment system, door lock mechanisms and much more, your Hyundai’s battery is essential for ensuring its continued reliability and performance. As a diligent Hyundai owner, regularly inspecting the health of your vehicle’s battery will help prevent roadside breakdowns or vehicle jump starts.


Engine Struggles to Start

If your Hyundai is struggling to start when you turn over the key or push the start button, you may want to consider having your battery tested. Take your Hyundai back to our service centre and one of our factory-certified service technicians inspect its battery health.

Jump Starts Occurring More Often

A common sign that your battery is on its way out is if it’s needing to be jump started more often than normal. Jump starting your Hyundai should be a last resort option, so if you’re needing to regularly jump start the battery, this means that it’s not able to send enough power to start the engine.

Corroded Terminals

Bluish-green residue on your Nissan’s battery terminals is another indication that it may be time to replace your battery. This corrosion can disrupt the flow of electricity, preventing the battery from charging properly and sending power to vital vehicle components.

Battery Replacement Service at Downtown Hyundai

If you think that it’s time to replace your Hyundai’s battery, stop by our state-of-the-art service centre here at Downtown Hyundai  and have one of our factory-certified technicians assess your vehicle’s battery condition.Should it be time to replace your current battery, our parts department carries a wide array of genuine Hyundai batteries that are engineered specifically for your vehicle. Book a battery health check service, today!