Winter Tires

Winter Tires | Toronto, ON

When the weather changes here in Toronto, the roads become harder to drive on. Snow, ice, and slush can cause your vehicle to slip. That’s why it’s important to add winter tires to your car to help keep you safe on every drive.

Benefits of winter tires

If you’re not sure about winter tires and need more reason to add them to your vehicle, consider the following benefits:

  • Winter tires are made from a special rubber compound that works better in cold temperatures.
  • They also feature sipes, which are small slits in the tires that create additional tread surface area for improved grip in snowy, icy, and wet conditions.
    • The sipes collect the water or snow, thus removing it from the part of the tire that’s touching the road.
  • With their improved traction, you’ll experience better braking times in harsh conditions and avoid accidents.

When to install winter tires

The best time to install winter tires is when the average temperature when you’re driving falls to 7° C or lower. That means you need to think about when you’re actually driving — like on your way to and from work — even if it gets up to 15° C during the day when your car is sitting in a parking lot or garage. But if it’s still very hot during the day, you will want to wait to swap out your tires for winter tires. Contact our team at Downtown Hyundai to make an appointment for switching to winter tires.

All-season tires vs. winter tires

Most new vehicles automatically come with all-season tires. You might be wondering, “If they’re called ‘all-season,’ wouldn’t that include winter?” All-season tires are meant to be ideal for mild conditions, but they are not the best option for harsher climates like winter in Toronto.

By switching out your all-season tires for winter tires, you’re actually saving money. Using winter tires extends the life of your all-season tires, which you can continue to use once the weather warms up. If properly stored, your winter tires can be used for many winter seasons.

Winter tire maintenance storage tips

As tempting as it might be to simply stack your winter tires in a corner of your garage or out in the yard, you’ll actually want to take great care of them to ensure that they last a long time. Winter tires should be stored in a cool and dry place that’s out of direct sunlight. If it gets especially humid or warm in a location, don’t store them there.

Before storing them, use some soap, water, and a tire brush to give them a good scrub. If you’re storing winter tires on a separate set of wheels, clean those too. Once they’re dry, you’re ready to wrap them up for the rest of the year. Individually wrap them in air tight bags to avoid chemical exposure that could wear down on the rubber compounds.

The best method of storage is standing them upright because it puts less pressure on each tire. But if you must stack them horizontally to save space, try stacking two and two instead of all four together. If you still have the tires on rims, stacking them atop one another is the best option to avoid damaging them.

Winter tires near me

The Hyundai Tire Centre at Downtown Hyundai in Toronto, Ontario, makes it easy to find the ideal tires for your vehicle. You can use our online tool to find a variety of tires, wheels, and packages. If you’re not sure where to start, contact our team at (416) 465-9000 or visit us at 77 E Don Roadway!

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